Data Management

Data Management

It is the function of planning, controlling, and delivering data effectively in an organization. This task can get overwhelming, or in worst cases, be avoided causing inadequate control of your information that can become security breaches. We have the experience to gather and establish best practices for Data Management and deliver the insights that can make your organization get better information.

Our primary services include:

  • BI (Business Intelligence)

    We establish processes to collect your data from all sources and preparing them for in-depth analysis. We use different commercial and ad-hoc solutions to make your data accessible and to visualize and explore it smoothly and efficiently.

  • ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) Services

    As the name says, it is the process to Extract, Transform, and Load your data from one repository to another. We use a variety of techniques and solutions to move your data from one place to another without any interruptions and corruption of data.

  • Security Information & Business Continuity Plans

    Data is your new currency, and it is valuable. That is why you need to protect it in the best way you can. But bad things can happen, that is why you need to be prepared with contingency protocols to keep your business running and reduce the risk of the lost information. We will help you secure and create the best contingency plan so your business will minimize any interruption.

In the past years, we have been working with different Data Repositories and Databases such as: SQL Server, Oracle, and MySql. But also, we have work with NoSql and Document databases such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, and Google Firebase.

Key Benefits
We have experience working with different Databases, but also with varying structures of data such as Relational, NonRelational & Documental. It doesn’t matter where, or how is your data structure; we can help you create a Data Management Framework.
Our experience working with small and big size of information will help you to design a smooth and structured Data Management and great Data Insights that will help your business decisions.
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