HR Community 360

About Project

This project is a Cloud Service platform integrated with a mobile application with the purpose to help your employees be in real-time contact with HR. This means to keep open communication for new employees with an onboarding feature, but also with current employees becoming a social and smart intranet for your organization.

These days, mobility has become a more convenient way for employees to interact, meaning that they need access anytime and anywhere. Also, they need a smooth channel of communicating with other employees within the organization, but most importantly, to keep in contact with HR.

Project Information
  • Category: Business & HR
  • Status: Beta Testing
  • Partners: DK Systems, LLC
  • Date: 1 mar, 2020
  • Website:
Project Features
  • Onboarding Process
  • Public Board
  • News & event Calendar
  • Access to organizational documents
  • Employees Skill Directory (Yellow Pages)
  • Direct messaging and chat
  • Assesments & surveys (v2.0)
  • Learning & Development (v2.0)
  • Videocalls (v2.0)