Web & Mobile Development

Web development

We have more than 15 years of developing web applications for our clients, always improving ourselves and using the newest technologies & frameworks such as asp.net, python, Angular 2+, PHP, and others like node.js.

We have experience working with the most common architectures like Object-Oriented, n-tier, microservices, and serverless applications. In our implementations, we use the best practices like code reusability, coupling and decoupling code balance, agile development, between others that allows and creates a faster development. You will be in great coding hands.

Mobile development

Our creative and innovative team has the experience to develop your mobile application for IOS and Android Operating Systems, using technologies like angular 2+, google firebase, and others. Our development methodology allows us to build and release your MVP faster than other agencies. We embrace frameworks like Ionic and firebase, that help us develop your application more quickly, scalable, and agile.

Key Benefits
Working with us, you will get robust and scalable applications in a shorter time than most agencies. We work by your side to understand your requirements and detail your technical needs. Being in the industry for more than 15 years and working in both: technical and business roles allows us to understand and transform your business quickly.
Knowing that there are different versions of browsers and mobile operating systems, we embrace hybrid technologies that allow your application to run without any issue no matter the version or type of mobile your clients will use.
Our engineering team will be embedded in your business process to understand the reality of your requirements. That helps us to avoid any gaps between the analysis and the development.
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